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A Nice Break Up

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So I'm single again but really it's fine, you now when things haven't been right for a while but you don't say anything scared of change well that's been the last six months for me. Not sure when it all changed or what caused it but a really sceptical side of me thinks that maybe we don't have (or at least I'm not capable of) a lasting passion and that ultimately all relationships turn to friendship, still at least they've never turned bitter.

I'm really happy with the decision this time and to be honest if my Dad didn't have his accident we probably would have broken up sooner. Some thing's in life give you a different perspective though and the weekend I got back to Brighton me and Chris agreed it was time to end the relationship and work on the friendship. We are still going to live together, we still want to do what's best for the animals, it's cheaper and we do have a laugh and enjoy the same sort of things. Things may change if either of us meets someone else as I suppose they might not be too keen on going out with someone who lives in a one bedroom flat with his ex but we can deal with that as and when and to be honest I'm in no rush, I'm actually looking forward to being single for a while.

so YAY single life :happydance:

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Well it's good that it's amicable Martin..life is too short for bitterness and hostility, and so good that you can still be friends & have fun together. Am still friendly with an Ex.. we got on well as friends. :)

PG xx

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Oh, sweet Coops - i am sorry to hear about this BUT i happy you took the right decision :)

...and if you happy, the sun shines above your heart!!!

big nordic hugs,


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