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Da Gadderie

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Aerial Tal


happy birthday, Kate!

Here we are, on this magic date - barely home from our very first KBF Gathering in Shadowland.

Am still feeling bamaboozled by the weekend heatwave and seafog that has forced us to stagnate in Granite City [Aberdeen] for a further two days... all is feeling in slow motion.

A few messages here and there on our Forum in an attempt to catch up with our [KBF] world... Discovering [better late than never!] Matt's fabulous blog & pics... your own pix... wowowowowow!!!

It felt like a dream.

Meeting you all was magical enough - sharing with you was bliss!

What a wonderful group we are. I shan't ever forget your smiles, hugs and eyes.

You were ALL IN MY HEART throughout the weekend.

More later, for am still processing pix ;)


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