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Monday Morning Returning...

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So here we are Monday morning SWELTERINGLY hot, I am sitting in the foyer of Oxford station waiting for my train. I have been drinking water constantly since I woke but I am still feeling incredibly dehydrated as my clothes – supposedly made to cope with these kind of conditions are just plastered to me – nice! Everywhere around me, people are huffing and puffing whilst wearing the minimal amount possible. Mugins here however, has an enormous heavy case, a photo backpack that weighs a ton and laptop bag crammed with stuff to cart about. I’m doing something wrong aren’t I? Apparently, whilst I have been in Kate Bush Gathering mode, and therefore cut off from the world’s media, the country has decided, according to my paper, that Gordon Brown is rubbish as prime minister. I can only guess that this is because the country is in such an awful state. It is, and Oxfords transport and refuge systems are great examples of this, but it is hardly poor old Gordon’s fault is it? Maybe it’s just me then.

Spent a very enjoyable night in Quod – bar/restaurant type of place – in the high street , about 2 mins walk from the Vaults and Gardens where we where earlier in the day. I met up with an old school friend and his wife. I hadn’t seen him for thirty years but it really didn’t seem so at all. It is amazing how so much changes over the years and yet quintessentially, we are the same people. We had loads to catch up on and as we unfolded our life stories to each other in this great centre of learning, we traced back as to how we had arrived in the same Oxford restaurant at the same time in history. It became apparent that none of us had arrived where we are today through any great learning and academia, but rather, just by being the people that we are, meeting the right people at the right time, being unselfish, and working hard. It was truly refreshing that people with this outlook on life had received the rewards that they deserved. A meal in company such as this is more inspiring than all the beautiful architecture and libraries that surrounded us.

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