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Sunday, In The Hot Afternoon

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There seemed to be a bit of confusion regarding the start time of our picnic, about half of the people turned up at one o'clock when it started, and the other half turned up at two o'clock. This presented some problems as the ones who were there on time wanted to get off and do some sight-seeing – or cheese tracking. The staff at the Vaults were brilliant and put out loads of tables joined together for us and we actually did get people together at about quarter past two to have a chat with Venus who rang us and chatted to us all individually – apparently, she has lots of free minutes – or did have. Then we all had some excellent food and did some photos before the early sitting started to leave. It was then that someone remembered that I hadn't got Kate's card out to sign. I had to run off after them, but fortunately, they had not gone far. They came back and we all signed the card, which this year, in accordance with the Oxford theme, had Kate dressed as a student, see picture if I remember to take one later. After the eager-to-leaves had gone, I played a song that Lissa had recorded specially for Kate's birthday the night before. She has done a version of "The Kick Inside" which I think she now has on her My Space page. With that, we all went off to join the others at the secret pub where we had good bear in good company and planned next year's event.

It was generally agreed that next year we will rent a large house for the weekend, which we are all really excited about. Stay tuned to the forum as we will have to book it soon and places in the house will be at a premium, although we are also looking for somewhere where we can accommodate camping too.

Thanks to everyone who came this year, it was wonderful to spend time with so many lovely people, let's see how many I can remember: Mike H, Tadge, Coops, Monkey Man, Darkly Noon, Tegan, Blurbvurt, Anders, Chemode, the Punki twins, Fats, a guy from the USA who's name I couldn't hear properly - sorry, Sam Guberman, Dave Hall, Nat Hall, Smill, Sharon, Syl, and Connie who joined us for the Friday night meal. Did I miss anyone? It's all a bit of a haze. The 2008 UK Kate Bush Fan Gathering rocked – here's to 2009. B)


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