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The Sunday Morning After The Night Before...

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OK, have to do a very brief blog entry today as we are short of time. I have posted just a few images to let you see what we've been up to. The tour was terrific but sweltering – ugh, I hate the sun – well, it hates me anyway. The lady guiding us had extensive knowledge of Phillip Pullman and his work and she took us to many places of interest. A few of us just couldn't stay the pace of two hours in the sun and by the time we got to the Magdalen Collage part of the tour only seven of us wanted to continue. We were running late, so I could only manage the briefest of tours around the college. However, we did manage to see where the choir sing, which was perhaps where they were recorded for Lyra. I am really suffering from dehydration this morning, drinking as much water as I can.

Last night at the Jericho seemed to go down well, nice natured crowd and wonderful performances from Dave Hall, Simon, Paul, Nat, The Vogueabonds, and Lucy, AKA, Fake Bush. Lucy and her friends had done SO much work rehearsing special songs and arrangements for us and it showed – Lucy we were so honoured that you did this for us you are a gem and anybody who has not seen you has something to put on their list of things that they must do before they die. Rest assured my dear, you will be invited back... :D Anders has a sound recording and video of the event, which may surface depending on whether the artists agree or not. I think everyone enjoyed themselves – they seemed to. I had the chance to press flesh with a good number of people I had not met before – thank you all for coming; it was wonderful to be in the same room as you guys. Sharing an appreciation of Kate's work with other fans is what we are all about and it is fantastic when we can do something like this. I am sure many new friendships were made. I'm sure many people will post on the forum about their experiences, so that will be fun to read in the next few days.

Oh well, off to brave the sun again now at the Vaults and Gardens, where we will have an offering Lissa has just sent us, and a birthday card to send to Kate.

Speak later...






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