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Friday Daytime

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Rang up the taxi firm again and got a “that will be at least three quarters of an hour”. Fortunately, the nice stand-in landlord offered me a lift as he was going into town – to get something for my breakfast hopefully. J

Got into town and tried to find the tourist information office. Asked a couple of people who got me to the opposite end of town between them, actually, the first kid had given me the correct directions, then an older bloke sent me back where I had come form – only for me to have to walk back again! Anyway, got to the Tourist Information Office and went on my official tour. The guide was fabulous, a very nice mature lady who knew her stuff. She took us round many of the colleges and sights – beautiful architecture. That lasted two hours, and then she pointed us towards the river for lunch. I had lunch at “The Head of the River” outdoors. Very good food and beer, good place. Whilst I was there, I had a phone conversation with Blurb and then, shortly after, Anders rang. Anders had just arrived, so I told him where I was and he found me. We did lunch together and then we went to Christchurch College to see the dining room and staircase used in the first Harry Potter film. (OK, we didn’t just go for that.) When we had finished there, we went on a quick sightseeing tour of Oxford and I revealed the pub that I had been at the night before, where, naturally, we had a pint. Then it was back to the guesthouse via taxi to get ready to meet the others coming tonight and prepare for our meal at Chutney’s later.

Just off to have a shower now. I have posted a very small sample of some pics I took today.


People leave broken Bicycles all over Oxford - It's quite charming really :)


We called in to see Harry


He invited us for a meal


This is Anders feeling all "Pink Floyd"


Our Secret Pub

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