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Thursday Evening

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Just back from Oxford (Where I am staying is outside Oxford by quite a bit which is a bit of a bind to say the least – it's costing me a fortune in Taxis. By the way, it's hard to get taxis here, I phoned one to go, and the guy said he couldn't do it for half an hour. (When I phoned from the restaurant later, they said they couldn't do it at all – the restaurant staff got me one.)

When I got to the Indian Restaurant, it wasn't there – this after me ringing them first to check they had a space for me. It turned out that the restaurant had been converted into a kebab shop – so much for rave reviews then – but had kept the old phone number, and as they had seats inside, they assumed I meant them. Anyway, I asked them for a recommendation for an Indian Restaurant and they sent me to one called "4500 Miles from Deli" Which was modern, but very good service and good food too.

After a meal there, I went to Carfax to meet my friend. He then gave me a brief tour of the city – it's stunning! It's amazing how compact it is generally. Breathtaking buildings, great people, most of whom speak foreign fluently, because they are tourists – no students here at this time of year. We then went to a secret pub, which is simply brilliant – I'm going to take you there if I can find it again – the perfect pub! Low wood beams, Real Ale, beer gardens – need I say more?

My friend took me to The East Oxford Community Centre where "Catwhezal" was happening. Catwheezle has been going for 25 years – it is an acoustic evening, where people get up and play songs, read poetry, or tell stories and it takes place every Thursday evening. They have a website I believe. They even publicised our gig on Saturday for us. Good atmosphere.

Note: Oxford is full of people on bikes who ride around at night without lights – which makes them even more of a nuisance than in the daytime.

Night, night, everyone.


Theres a Secret Down There

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Urm! It does beg the question 'where are we going to park the horse and cart?'... does the Oxford Community Centre have Stables? By the way Matt you can tell you've had a few beers... you've changed FONT!

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Sounds fab there in Oxford Matt..wish i was there! Ah well..got Portugal to go to in 3 weeks time.

Mich xx

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