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I've Arrived!

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So, here we are in Oxford for the 2008 UK Kate Bush Fan Gathering.

The story so far...

I overslept this morning and didn’t wake until 9 am. This Meant I had a huge rush to get myself ready and get all my gear packed. Last night I went out for a meal to celebrate a friend’s birthday and was talking to another friend when I remembered that his brother now lives in Oxford, so I rang him first thing. Turns out, he is well up for it for coming to the gig on Saturday, and he has invited me out tonight to a local pub that has an acoustic music night and poetry recital on a Thursday night! How quool is that? Anyroadup, I digress, so there I am packing my suitcase, a HUGE one, and realising that I am going to have to take my photo gear backpack and my Laptop case too, when the doorbell rings and it’s Tegan, bless her, come to pick up loads of posters that I have cobbled together. So they, hopefully, will be arriving for the gig with Tegan and Blurb.

Travelled down by train, first train was London-Midland – no complimentary food or drink in first class and not exactly “plush” either, no idea how they can call this first class – just glad I wasn’t in standard! Second leg was with Cross Country trains, freebie food and drink, if only sandwiches, but no Vegan option for food, so completely useless. Travelling by train is a complete rip-off, but still the best way to travel if they could only get it right.

Arrived at Gables Guest house, nice, clean, and tidy, but my room is minute. I’ve been in bigger cupboards. Can’t even open the door properly because my suitcase is in the way – the only place I can put it. L Took a while but finally got the Wi-Fi Internet connection going.

Just been reading Benedict le Vay’s “Eccentric Oxford” on the train and it recommends loads of places to go. So, this evening I hope to go to Samad’s Indian Restaurant, which gets rave reviews – so how can I resist that one? Moreover, I want to find The Turf Tavern, which is apparently, a brilliant, very old, Real Ale pub that was the setting for a Thomas Hardy novel where Jude in the book courts Arabella the barmaid. Its apparently Oxford’s worst kept secret, but is very hard to find. However, Bob Hawke, and more recently, Bill Clinton both managed it apparently. Bob Hawke downed a yard of ale (two and a half pints) in 11 seconds. It doesn’t say what Bill Clinton did, other than he didn’t inhale it. In addition, I have to fit all this in before I meet my friend at 8pm. Busy, busy, peeps. You really ought to be here you know...

More later.



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Enjoyed reading that Matt, never been to Oxford either so will find this interesting to follow. Sorry to hear the room is so titchy.....but well you'll mainly just be kipping in it won't you.

Have fun dude!

Michelle xx

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