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A Claw In The Head...

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Jayne Dullahan


...is worth two in the bush, said Basil Fawlty (or something similar). The point is, his head injury put him in a liminal presence of mind, like those slot machines with the three picture wheels, and you pull the lever and the pictures spin and then may or may not line up--his pictures weren't lined up properly. This provided him the unique opportunity of escaping the logical confines of language...which now I think of it is sort of redundant--logic and logos are after all one and the same...ish--which as often as not provides us, the listener, with delightful, surprising new ideas that we certainly never would have thought of.

Yes, I am writing this at 6.24 in the morning. That's nothing. I've been up since the claw in the head at 3.41. I did try to go back to sleep, I only went to bed at midnight after all, but that was it--awake. But not like, I'm all well-rested and in my right mind awake. Noooo. It was, it's 3 a.m. and I have had little sleep and I've just had a claw in my head, it's the middle of the night and I can hear strange noises. That's what it was. And that's when the ideas started coming. Reason started to creep in at some point, it said "go back to sleep, you can write down these ideas tomorrow, when you have rested". Well. Fat lot it knows anyway. I know how that scenario plays out, it happened yesterday when I had some brilliant formulation, perfect, just what I needed, and I was walking somewhere and then I had to go someplace and thought, o, I'll write it later.

And promptly forgot it.

So when the idea came back at 3.50, I had to act!

Why am I writing any of this? At 6.30, or at any time?

Because the last idea I had before I started writing this was the revelation that came down from two colliding synapses in my brain, one thinking, I'm sleep-deprived, and the other remembering the report I heard on the radio yesterday about how "we" function less-well because most of "us" are sleep-deprived, and that we don't know how sleep-deprived we are, and that in American society it's become a badge of honor not to get much sleep, because we get so much done and are so super-productive, and really we are all just fooling ourselves, we'd be doing so much better, probably, if we slept more.

Well, public radio lady and others, I would just like to say that I have nothing against sleep. But sometimes, you have to be functioning at super-warped-sleepless to come up with that brilliant idea, the one just outside the box, where my spinning fruit is mis-aligned.

And now I'm going back to bed.

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I read this and smile as I come here just now to take 'the claw from my head' to write the word, photo, before it fades away.

As the page turned so my eye caught the split made in passing, close the book, as thoughts run from the written to somewhere new

In a film the edges are clunky, read in my mind they are swift yet melt seamlessly into being what they orter with out my eyes looking for more

Hello Jayne :)

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