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My cat is very old, well quite old - he has that baggy look that old cats get, and seems to have shrunk in the last 2 years.

He used to be quite butch.................. the strong and silent type. In fact we used to comment on his silence. he never said a word, even when we opened a tin of tuna, he never said a word, he would just skip on his front paws from one to the other, in a Homer Simpson kinda way!

He has never voluntarily even once sat on our either of our laps.

He has stared at our laps - but no amount of coaxing, tickling, lap-patting, dragging, whistling or tail pulling has ever convinced him that 'the lap' is the place to be.

He would never share the couch with either one of us but would sit on the other side of the room, staring intently for hours, glad to be in the same room but unreachable..................... he would stare and study and calculate - calculate the exact length of our arms within a millimetre, then he would wait till we were too stoned to move before strolling across the room and sitting at the exact distance of 'arms length' away plus 1mm, so no matter how much stretching those arms did the nail tip of the middle-finger would still inconceivably be a millimetre away from the very tip of his nose!

Now he is old he still knows the length of our arms, but will sometimes sit beside us on a couch so long as we don't pester him with anything so irritating as affection.

Now he is old, he has found his voice, my God! it was so cute when he first started, so tiny and 'girly' it really took us by surprise, him being so butch and sounding like a girl?? But now he won't shut up and it's getting louder,

He always has food down, but he shouts when he's hungry.

He has his own indoor water fountain, but he shouts when he's thirsty.

When he sees something interesting like a slightly open cupboard door - he starts shouting.

When he's bored - he shouts

When he wants to go to bed - he shouts

When he wants us to go to bed - he shouts!

He is driving us bonkers these days, as we try to keep up to his every request second guessing what might make him happy, trying to judge when a cuddle 'might' be appropriate ............... and still after all these years, he refuses resolutely to venture voluntarily onto our laps.

Something quite awful must have happened to Sam before he found us ........ something to do with someones lap.


Poor Sam, he never did sit on our laps. Although when we brought his little body home from the vets, Ken sat for a long time with him on his lap.

Still missing him.



Miss you Sam xxx

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Um .... for some reason this was here as a draft. dunno why, I clicked to have it here proper cos I was afraid of losing it/him - didn't expect it to appear as todays date. Dunno why I feel the need to explain this.

DN x

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