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Strange Phenomena- Where Are We Really "safe"?

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I'm sitting here "safe" at home in Brisbane tonight but two weeks ago I had to cancel a trip to the UK due to a number of problems...at the time I really wanted to go and was disappointed I had to postpone the trip... but on the other hand I wasn't, as I realised I would skip being in London on July 7...I was there two years ago on my way out of the UK when the bombs went off...I went through the very stations that were bombed only hours afterwards, as did lots of other people... As I flew half way across the world, I was oblivious to what I had left behind...when I arrived home, people treated me like I had risen from the dead, even though I had not been involved in the actual bombing...so, when I turned on the TV on Friday 29 June and saw the the news about London I knew my trip had been cancelled for a reason...I won't go on about this, but it's been a wake up call about trusting my intuition...

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Hi Isobel

Hope you don't mind my comment?

I recall that day too , i remember Colleagues at work ringing up relatives who live in London, there was a sense of anxiety and fear in the air and everything for a time came to a standstill in the office and the focus was on the bombings. Fortunately their relatives were fine, i suppose we are never totally 100% entirely safe, but we just have to believe and hope that bad things won't happen to us. :D

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