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I'm Back And Now Blogging

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It's been a few weeks since I listened to Kate's music because recently my son's music has overtaken the house...Good Charlotte, Fergie, Maroon 5 (wrong spelling maybe) Silverchair...not that I mind... he has a developing love for all kinds of music and to be honest, the music these players produce is okay...he listens to Fred's 70's collection in the car and can sing along happily to Bob Dylan...this has been an exercise tolerating diversity for me as I'm not a Dylan fan at all, but if my son can sing along to Desolation Row and enjoy the gituar riffs...In my car he is gets exposed to some Kate, but also Abba, numerous disco tunes, 50s/60s swing/jazz/blues and a lot of classical stuff...he is a very well fed boy musically speaking :lol:

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