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The Project Of Being And Invisibility

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Jayne Dullahan


...I am actually not certain what this project is, or will become. Just this title came to me, and it seemed so certain that it would be a title. I feel it is my task to follow it where it leads, until I've met the title whereever it originated.

What is invisible? What are the ways of being invisible? Is one always invisible to onesself? Is virtuality invisibility or are these different things?

For now, it seems to have some link to an idea like this one:

When I saw a beautiful woman I could not express my shock and desire. [ :angry2: ] I was; but she could not see all of me, that is all that I was in that moment. The invisible is the insensible. O how precarious this project is, to be all that we are, yet to remain invisible. The only way to see is to be invisible. The only way to be is to see. If I had been visible she would have ceased to be. Where is that point, and it is precarious, where you sense and in order to solidify, sanctify, actualize that sense you must express it; without that actualization it remains an uncertain flimmer, it cannot be fulfilled, cannot be. Yet to fulfill it is to endanger the other that gives rise to that sense. So you be, and you be invisible, for yourself. And then you are but a shadow...I am [a shadow]--shadow is inherent in "to be". [Mrs. Bartolozzi-Frost]

Here I am invisible. That is to say, not really. I am visible through my words, I am imagined and visible. "The I" of me is visible in this text, this text is "I" and immediately it conjurs the sound of the voice that would say it [is it a gendered voice? is it a chronological or chronotopic voice? is it high or low? laconic or chipper? is there latent joy, latent sarcasm? Am I a character that might be played by Emma Thompson? Judy Dench? Kevin Spacey?] and probably the face, the clothes, the glasses--can you imagine a non-glasses-wearer expounding on visibility??--that would adorn the voice who 'speaks' in this ( :rolleyes: preposterous and inquisitive) way. But here I "am" [invisible, but am I a shadow?].

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