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Ashes In History

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Jayne Dullahan


Another poem I wrote a fews years ago. It was the final poem for a while...

I feel like a phoenix risen

From the ashes of my solitude

Which ignited it self

While my self


Against the emptiness holding


I burned

High into the night

Long into the day

A pyre i pushed

Me around in

My eyes it sparked

While i broke

Into ash

The wind of anger

Or pity blew some

Where else

And now

New skin wet with tears

From the pain, and mourning

The remainder

That makes up

Me the phoenix arisen from my ashes

I blew into the storm of history

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Recommended Comments

wow, i really like your piece, Jayne :wub::wub::wub:

although it is melancholic, it's very powerful.

d'you still write, or have your left your pen in a cupboard? :)

love, nat xxxxxxxxx

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Thanks Nat! :)

I don't write things like that much...I think, at least for me, there is a long period of thought that leads to that kind of poem...it comes with circumstances I don't have at my disposal (fortunately--writing that and others like it was...very...affecting; not anxious to be "there" again).

I've become more of an essayist of late (hence most of the blog entries), but in a poetic way. I used to write fiction, too, but then I realized that the things I wanted to incorporate into imaginative prose were much older and larger than I...I might return to that some day :)

I still love the idea of the "storm of history"...that has a lot to do with stuff I was reading at the time. Do you know the painting "Angelus Novus" by Klee? Walter Benjamin wrote that that angel stands looking back at the storm of history, mouth open wide in horror at the mounting pile of rubble. Really neat idea.

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