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A Poem

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Jayne Dullahan


I think this is my favorite poem I ever wrote. It would make a nice song, I think.

While you paint the fence

I see you looking back at me from my mirror

In disbelief

And while i imagine you seeing me

From there

I try to guess what

I am thinking

While you paint the fence

When you come to me

And say, what is wrong with you


Who have you become

--which you don’t—

i think

i am in here somewhere

and please just be patient

while you paint the fence

you stepped back

So i could brush the crust

Off my strengths and stuff it

Under my weaknesses


Til i stood before you




Painting the fence

You used to be the place

I could be myself in

When i took you

For granted as refuge

When i stopped taking you

For granted

I stopped being myself

And forgot who that was

I distanced myself

Out of respect for your borders

Or did you want me to be part of them?


I guess.

In my mirror you

Shake my head

Look for the door

You’ll be outside

While i wonder

Who i am without you

(as opposed to

who i am)

while you paint the fence.

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Recommended Comments

oh my gosh oh my gosh get up sit down get up walk around

oh my gosh found

turn around

turn around all is found

racing round is the mind with joy of being found

gosh this poem is good

sarah :)

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That's really brilliant Jayne, and thought provoking - the silences within relationshps that sometimes remain unsaid. :)

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