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Nightmares. Warning Not For The Faint Of Heart...

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Jayne Dullahan


I already wrote about my vampire dream. I think I will make that into a story...in a short story collection involving the following things, nightmarish and funny.

They discovered the marble tomb of St. Paul the other day. Paulus's tomb had holes, so that in the middle ages, pilgrims could reach in and touch his skull or some other artifact. In the story, someone as part of a group goes to put his or her hand in the hole, and Paulus suddenly comes to and bites the person. It escalates to an unpleasant end based on a grammatical inaccuracy in the news articles I read.

A viking ends up living in what would some day be known as Southern California, which even then was groomed and landscaped to the hilt. What a nightmare for a viking. It would involve 'authentic' viking romance poetry.

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