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Hi DolphinBlue :)

thats so cool :D

wanted to reply to the one above the above but it wouldn't let me comment

i think we're on the same wave length :wacko: no - I often start like that, think I'll just pop in see what's wrote thinking i have absolutely nothing to say and then it just taps out

im sorry i used the word cool its really not at my age and i need to get out of the habbit it's got well stuck and i cringe as it escapes me but secretly i think i like it its short to the point and closure for when i can't carry on a conversation.

any way lovely to see you down here in the dungeon of Kates castle - she knows we're down here you know, i see her sometimes, like the other day when she was doing a bit of pointing to the west wing. I heard her shout out to the workman; knowing before she started the morter being a touch too dry 'it's alright I'll use the tap inside here, just inside this little old dungeon door'. With the first step in she put down her bucket ready to begin her journey...

'Kate', shouts the work man it's the phone, kate kicks the bucket.

I tell you she itching to get down here. I even called out, 'sod the phone Kate'.

One day.


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I love your pseudopoem, DB! You're a mad genius, I think. B) And yes, I am not able to reply to that one either. Very strange. :unsure:

Sarah, you and everyone should be allowed to use the word "cool" however you like! It is such a good word. We can't limit ourselves based on age demographic or whatever. Tis good times, my friend.

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just discovered your last entry, dear DB.

shame it's now closed, although i can leave you a thought here ;-)))

it's a poem in itself!!!

well done, girl ;)

love, nat xxxxxxxxxxxx

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I do like your 'Not really a poem..' poem - it's fun! :D I know what you mean i feel as though i'm not sure what to say in the blogs whereas in the forums stuff just blurts out with me! hehe! ..(ooh sounds weird that!) :huh:

I added a couple of poems in my blog, although they didn't show up as new enteries like other people's, so no-one has looked at them .. i think or maybe they have? In a way am glad they haven't as i think i would be embarassed if people read them anyway :blush: , as i'm not really a writer as such like some of the talented people are on here. :D

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Hello everyone,

I am deeply embarrassed for the delay in responding to your responses :blink: I've not been back here since and only realised I should check when Nat mentioned it in another thread, so thanks for commenting on my absolute nonsense :rolleyes: - as usual! :lol: .............must fess up though - it may look ironic, but I tried really hard to think of something good!! :lol: ........................and failed!!!!

See Ya's

Oh Sqpeg, I say 'cool' all the time and I'm 41! B)

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