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A Poem

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So I ended up writing a poem today. I just kind of sat down and it all came out. I was a bit angry about Global Warming at the time, and that's what its about. It was going to be a song lyric but I think it works much better as a poem. I can't decide whether it's really good or really bad. Maybe both (?). Anways I shall post it here and if you could write feedback i'd be grateful. It doesn't have a name, so here we go:

Little beaver make your damn

Don’t come knocking when the rains come in

I’ll hold my hand up over my head

Your voodoo is safe from me here

Lock my door and ram the rusty key

Sit by the fire roasting marshmallows

The beaver runs and comes-a-knocking

On my door, I bar it shut

“Leave me out here in the pouring rain”

Said the beaver through my latch

Sun is getting hot, hotter, and hottest

God! I can’t even breathe. No layers

We have no layers here.

We are safe from the Moonmen

Safe from the feel of sticks

Safe from the tide’s low seven

Safe from the wind through the trees

Safe from the beaver and the donkey

Safe from my lion and it’s tiger

Little beaver make your damn

So I may watch it grow, take a photo

But don’t come crying to me…

…When the rains stop running.

So anyways thanks for reading. Hope you are all well :)

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Hi Simon :)

An aspiring Poet. You use some really interesting and surreal imagery....you have a good imagination. :)


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