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3 Minutes inspired

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Jayne Dullahan


by bees and a supermarket

Three minutes I can brush my teeth in three minutes alright so go and I'm brushing my teeth 3, 4 I think 1.5 minutes bottom and 1.5 minutes top and that makes three even with my bizarre sense of numbers I'm late I said not by me of course by you who else you silly dunderhead I wasn't hurt I wonder is that always the first reaction not that I want it any more worst timing ever worst timing ever ruin everyone's life no one would want me I'd be all alone really ALL alone have to move and no money no job no insurance and a lot of explaining to do why why why why are people so interested why can't it just be great and here is some money and what if he never talks to me again or can't look at me I'm repulsive or embarrassing simplest thing in the world why the hell is it so complicated but what if I'm more beautiful what if I'm more powerful yes the world DOES look more vibrant, more clear, scared to death but feel empowered and all alone what if what if what if I am left all alone that wouldn't be fair why does that have to happen and how did I get into this mess well what mess no one is sure yet one o seven I always thought it would be just that and that would be that and when I'm awake that's how it is and then I get sleepy and suddenly I'm more scared than I've ever been and what if what if that reaction is this a sign do I have to move anyway because this is what I want well not right now but it is what I want and I seem to be the only one but o time is ticking one thirty two switch sides time and you can't just walk up to someone and say hey come on I need this or that but will I ever get it here and what kind of a reaction is that to have not by me implying o now I'm getting really mad that son of a bitch you know what that was it was a step towards being all alone that son of a bitch why can't people be happy and what am I going to do I can't do this alone one fifty three that son of a bitch how can he just drop everything and blame me like I control it him and his I have to right this second and it has to be this way or that way but if I have to work o no then I have to drop everything son of a bitch why why and why not this and why not that well doesn't matter now little me little me little him god that would be nice but it would ruin me maybe I'd have to hop a ship like Nell what a stupid idea but boy do I understand the desperation now never thought I'd feel this desperate scared to death I have to leave can't I can do this on my own have to but how god I don't want to work at Wal-Mart and I can't even go get a proper test, no money no insurance and no one to tell god I really am all alone that son of a bitch I never wanted to see blood so much in all my life can't afford a test how can I afford anything else o god o god o god two fifty five don't look don't look whole life mom dad christmas and everyone happy the world is so colorful and I have new depth three.


O my God.



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