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I thought I'd experiment with Comic Sans in this blog. Comic Sans MS is the way forward in our society. It really really is the greatest font. Anyways, enough about that...issue...let's move on to more pressing topics. So...more conflict in the Middle East. That place is getting pretty screwed up if you ask me. I think we (the West) should stay out of it. It's only gonna end badly. VERY badly.

So...well I'm still on my summer holiday. Not much happened today. I'm making good progress with my book (The Stand by Stephen King), so that's all good. Nearing the end of my annual Buffython. Only 9 episodes left! It's been soooo hot down here in Southampton, I can't even be bothered to move. The thing is, I REALLY want to go to town, but its too hot to shop or even walk around...I'm gonna have to wait. *sobs*

'Big Brother' is absolutly poo at the moment. It's on at the moment behind me but I'm not even watching it. BRING NIKKI BACK!!!!! AHHHH

I feel like I should write a poem or something...maybe I will on another blog. Who knows? God I'm crazy like that. Oh, guys you have to help me out. Should I get a gaydar account? As a seasoned homosexual I feel I should, but I don't know if theres any point. Do any of you gays have one? If you do, would you recommend it?

Oh, job prospects!! I'm totally going for a job at my local Co-op (part time, of course). My mum picked up an application form today. How exicting!!! It's a tiny little shop so might get a bit boring, but should be good (as long as I'm getting paid, I don't care what I have to do).

I can't think of anything else to write, and I don't want to start babbling. I'll write a poem or think of something intellectual to say in my next blog. Rock on guys

Love you all xxx

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Hi Simon,

All I can say is that I have been advised, by more than one person on this forum, not to get a gaydar account. I have taken this advice, but I probably wouldn't have signed up for one anyway (it's not really my thing.) Also, because you are so young, you should be very careful! You just don't know what types of people you are going to find on there.

That's the best I can do, so hope it's helpful. Maybe someone more seasoned than myself can offer some additional advice? :P

Take care :)


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Sarah, gaydar is a gay personals site (like personal adds but online.) An account in what you get when you join. Bernie x

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thank you Berni

well Simon

what about if you wait

wait a while

the days obviously seem long at the moment

too much left over thinking time!

write that poem instead :)


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Haha! Yes Sarah I think I probably will do that x

Thanks for the advice Bernie, I ended up getting an account...only to have it deleted for some unknown reason. They probably took one look at my picture and saw I was waaaay under 18. Oh well never mind, Myspace is a thousand times better!

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Yeah, you'd be better to stick with myspace. You're probably right, they may well have deleted your account after noticing how young you are from your photo! :P

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