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I'm not afraid of the dark

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I am comfortable in my house

I know where everything is

things get misplaced but I somehow find them again

I have the lights turned off you see

wondering around, feeling the furniture and walls

I climb the stairs

and bump my way down them again

I can tell you where everything is

if you happen to call on me

but if you do

I may just hide

in the dark

behind my sofa

If you visit, then please....

refrain from turning on the lights!

they shine in my eyes

and show me things that are best hidden

like the crack in the wall that needs filling

and the cobwebs in the corners that need dusting

I'm not afraid to sit alone in the dark

I'm afraid of turning on the light.

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It reminds me our beloved Audrey in some scenes of this film ( I don't know the English title) where she is blind and has to face criminals;

some cobwebs don't need to be dusted sometimes ;)

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Hi guys...thanks for the comments :D I just felt confident enough to share some thoughts...

The film you're thinking of Frederique is 'wait until dark'. It's funny you should mention Audrey, She's my favourite actress/icon.


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