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Magazine Article

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Silver Llama Train


Just got off the phone with someone who is writing an article about competitive marching band in Kentucky high schools for a statewide magazine. We don't often get press for what we do with our kids: the opportunities to learn music, travel, perform, compete; not to mention the development of leadership skills and life lessons learned. The writer is a "band mom," so I know that we will get the right treatment. Looking forward to that coming out in September.

Other than that, I'm working on some improvements to the radio station that I plan to implement over the course of the next few months.


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Why is that, anyway. Why don't marching bands get any kind of attention for their merits? Middle and High School band directors are about the most under-appreciated faculty, I've never understood why that has to be so. Ramming into people and tossing a ball across a field (which I admit takes skill) is trumpeted as the highlight of young life, but the ability to memorize malaguena while marching in formation and not tripping or bumping into the drummers, ending on the right hash-mark, staying in tune, that is just not a big deal.

Why is it more important that you can bench press hundreds of pounds than that you can play the run passages in The Festive Overture?

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Probably because we deal with feelings, emotion, rather than brute force, macho crap, that sort of thing.

(Spoken by a straight male who is confident in is manhood, respects the rights of others, and cries more in a week than most "men" do in a lifetime.)

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