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  1. Before The Dawn

    This is a reference for your gallery
  2. A Deal With God

    Iwona, your drawing expresses splendidly all the tenderness of the eyes of the young Kate. Great !
  3. It's In Me

    really good!
  4. Kate-Inside-The-Rainbow.JPG

    Your art is better and better Iwona !
  5. Be Kind To My Mistakes

    and a good pencil so ;) "Like this" ! (I can't press "Like this" button, I don't know why)
  6. The Kick Inside Canada

    her eyes ! very well done.
  7. Tokyo

    So beautiful Iwona !
  8. Eventim Apollo, London 2014

    This great drawing .. of this great moment of 2014 ..
  9. You Look Like An Angel

    So nice !
  10. Warm And Soothing

    Iwona you are a great artist! your drawings are so alive. Congratulations ;)
  11. HOL

    I like it!
  12. You Don't Want To Hurt Me

    Very sensual ;)
  13. 50 Words For Snow

  14. Wild Man

    Great idea Iwona ;) Bravo