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    Kate Bush, of course. I also love Nine Inc Nails, David Bowie, Goldfrapp, Bjork, Aimee Mann, The Cardigans, soundtracks, some pop (though recently I've gone right off it) :D Also, love films... and a big Buffy TVS fan of old. I live in Manchester and always try and catch gigs and go cinema.... booze on the occasional weekend too! Need to get out of the city more though... it's driving me a bit mad!
  1. DSC02281.JPG

    Does Kashka live there? :D
  2. Bradleh's uploads!

  3. Because princess juice is the tastiest.

    LOve this pic :D
  4. Graveyard. jan. 2010

    It looks like the Southern Cemetery... I'm in Chorlton so that's only a hop, skip and a jump away if it's the same one :)
  5. Me and Bjork getting cosy

    Its her natural pale Icelandic look :)
  6. Manchester Pride 2009

    Hehe thanks guys :)
  7. Primus

    Aw Autumn leaves! :)
  8. Hallooooooo Brad :D



  9. my 24th birthday

    hehe thanks guys!!! *blush*
  10. Hiya, yes I'm very well thanks. :3

    I'm applying to UEA and Essex for creative writing and I think I'm going to make UEA my firm offer...

    Ahh good luck! UCAS is horribly stressful... But even more stressful is trying to get the grades to get the firm offer. ^^;;;


  11. No Fairy...

    What a lovely tree and room! The top of the tree definately did look a bit naked! Did you ever get an angel on there??
  12. Hey, hope you're ok! =)

    So what uni's are you applying for? I even did a UCAS form this year to go to Lancaster in October! EEk!

    Brad x

  13. I'm grand thank you :D


  14. my 24th birthday

    Thanks chick :D Not staying young though hehe! *buys loads of Loreal for Men* lol
  15. Butterfly

    Aww gorgeous! I always get so worried when i see them on the floor and whatnot. They're so fragile... i do love moths too! Hmm I'm strange!