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  1. Meal Beforehand from the other end of the table

    Blackbird Braille otherwise known as Robert :-) and my daughter fruitbat otherwise know as a pain in the......oops sorry, Jo :-) x
  2. Before the dawn

  3. image

    From the album Before the dawn

    Champagne £7.50 a small glass ?
  4. image

    From the album Before the dawn

  5. image

    From the album Before the dawn

    Getting our photo taken by guardian reporter, Cloud Meranda, Ben and the lady with the red fan is a totally outrageous Canadian, Christina Gina
  6. image

    From the album Before the dawn

  7. image

    From the album Tegan

    Janet, dreamer, Paul, me. BA. Photo taken by Matt xx
  8. Tegan

  9. Where are you??!! xx

  10. Where have you been!! Missed our gathering this year, speak soon x

  11. Gathering??? You up for it again? x

  12. Thanks Tegan! :-)

    Remember the I.P. part, okay?...Have fun!

  13. Happy Christmas Mike xxx

  14. Happy Christmas my friend and a wonderful new year xxx