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  1. Very cute!
  2. I love this pic, crazy Kate! Also like the font too !
  3. i like her in LOTR although she does seem to have a bit of a wandering accent!
  4. when was this taken?
  5. nice pic. I feel like grandad joe now though... I suppose i got into kate when i was your age too!
  6. hey there mario hope you are well- parma must be beautufil!

    I am scottish but I live in HK asia- just saying hi!

  7. hiya! welcome to the forum!

  8. very njce. is that near where you live?
  9. iwona do you live near here or do you travel out to the country to take pics? love these wintry ones..winter can have an amazing beauty..
  10. i love snowy pics. i havent seen snow for 5 years now!
  11. my mum used to love them! i grew up listening them them before kate was even out there!
  12. very nice pic!
  13. love it! whats on the t shirt?
  14. ..we stole the girls off from a day of school as a teacher I cannot approve!!! shocking! Actually, not really. just hope it was a good one. just tell teeach they were ill, much easier than trying to authorise stuff!
  15. where was this J? looks v pretty