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  1. These men speak the truth. You capture Kate's essence, as Pined Alot says, and render her eyes wonderfully, as uffington and 22dates attest. And now you know what your public wants - a Kate with more eyes. Picasso would have done it.
  2. Well, I'm not surprised. You and I have been loyal fans of Iwona for years and years, and she still hasn't given us a DVD.
  3. A good job the rest of us are happy with what you and Kate create, then.
  4. Great drawing. It really does look like metal, and even the inside of the hole is spot on. But why did you leave out Kate's tongue?
  5. Wow, wow wow, amazing!
  6. "Workers, collectively run up that hill to achieve the five year plan."
  7. A different style from your last portrait - it almost has something of those Soviet posters of the thirties, a style I rather like (but this picture has a better message).
  8. Love it!
  9. My thumbs are raised!
  10. That's a great picture, and the hair is sensational. Are you an admirer of George Romney, blackspitifre? He too, was a capturer of feminine beauty in a way which makes you feel the portraits are alive.
  11. Another brilliant one. I wish I knew the girls you know...
  12. That is great. There is something of the ballet dancer about her.
  13. Excellent!