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    Kate (duh !)<br />Depeche Mode (any eighties synth band for that matter!)<br />Liverpool FC<br />Reading (Roman history, auto / biographies, horror / comedy fantasy)<br />Scuba diving
  1. Was it something I said?

  2. Is alive AND Kicking..............

  3. really really really really big big big big hugs !!!!! :-)

  4. Awww Iwona you are so sweet...I wanna give you a big....hug !!! x

  5. Thanks but I don't go untill 16th !!! xxx

  6. Thats the one about the gardener whose wife is kidnapped isn't it? I just finished after dark.....did you read the Frankenstein books koontsz wrote?

  7. me too...i finished a Dean Koontz book in bed last night!

  8. She's a babe !!!

  9. I love horror and scary movies !!

  10. Who's the deadite chick? ...... hang on.... I know you said Goth - but that's f***ing' ridiculous!

    :P xxx

  11. Chemodes Album

  12. In The Gym (again!!!)

    From the album Chemodes Album

  13. Shoulders Tattoo

    From the album Chemodes Album